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 Thank you for absurder K+STAT URGENT CARE for your medical needs.  Unfortunately our immunity and our country is in a crisis with COVID-19 19 pandemic.  Many, many of out neighbors and friends are ill or very concerned about their health.  This has led to all-time record numbers of visits to K+STAT and other primary care locations in the area and of course wait times are long as well.  At K+STAT we are doing everything possible to provide for your urgent medical needs whether related to COVID-19 or the usual strep throat, ear infections, injuries, Work Comp cases, physical and the like.  We want to continue to be your family practice based, walk in urgent care facility available 363 days per year, but we need your help.


1.  PATIENT AND STAFF SAFETY IS PRIORITY: Masks covering nose and mouth are required at all times even when alone in an exam room.  Rooms are sanitized between each patient visit and we ask that you wait in your vehicle until your appointment if you have a fever or any infectious symptoms like cough, vomiting, sore throat et.  Please maintain a safe distance when inside the facility.  We ask that no visitors come with the patient unless it is a child or a patient needing another person to help with communication.


2.  ALL PATIENTS ARE EVALUATED for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infection and if testing is indicated we have access to rapid same day antigen testing as well as send out PCR testing.  Occasionally there are limited quantities of rapid tests and we must ration who will get them but we try to use our best clinical judgement in our testing approach.  A clinical evaluation is always indicated as there is often something other than COVID-19 going on. We also have rapid influenza RSV and strep testing on site.


3. TO IMPROVE EFFICIENCY:  we have made several changes at K+STAT.  We now usually have two providers on duty all day every day and occasionally we have a third provider helping at peak times.  We have upgraded our electronic medical record to provide electronic check-in which cuts down on wait times.


4.  WE NEED YOUR HELP: get a flu shot as COVID-19 and influenza will be a dangerous combination.  Wash your hands, wear a mask and keep yourself safe.  Please be patient with our staff.  We are making every effort to see as many patients as we can but individual providers can only see so many patients safely in a day both for your protection and theirs.  We may have to cut off patient registration prior to our closing time some days when there are significant patient volumes and we apologize in advance whenever that might happen.


Rest assured that we monitor national and state guidelines regarding COVID-19 19 and other infectious diseases and strive to provide the best patient care possible in these unusual times.  Thank you for sticking with us.








Why choose K+STAT?

  K+STAT is Managed by:

8 Board Certified Family Physicians with a combined total of over 200 years of experience. 

All of these physicians are dedicated to maintain Quality Urgent Care Medicine and Serving our Community


+No appointment necessary — Walk right in when you need immediate attention.

+Short wait times — Your visit typically will take less than an hour.

+Convenient hours — K+STAT is open seven days a week.

+Easy access — You can drive to K+STAT in less than 15 minutes from most neighborhoods in the Manhattan-Wamego area, and parking is close to our front entrance.

+Reasonable fees — Pay rates are similar to what you'd expect from a doctor's office visit.

+Helpful, compassionate medical team — Our licensed medical professionals treat patients and their families with kindness and respect.


Urgent care is a convenient alternative when your regular clinic is closed or you can't see your doctor as soon as you would like. When you are faced with a condition that is not life-threatening but requires immediate attention, turn to K+STAT Urgent Care. We provide timely, walk-in treatment by licensed medical professionals you can trust.  Seeing patients 3 months and older.




Things to make your visit go more smooth:


+Bring a list of all medications you are currently taking   


+Current Insurance Card 


+Form of payment: cash, check or credit card


+Snacks and/or toys if children will be accompanying you


+Jacket or small blanket in case you get cold!


                      DOT/CDL certification


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K+STAT is committed to meeting the urgent care needs of the community by offering prompt, courteous, high-quality, professional medical care with extended hours at an affordable cost.