K+STAT is a participating provider with many insurance companies.  Please call to inquire.


K+STAT is not a medicaid contracting provider.

Poison Control Center Hotline

If you have a poison-related emergency, call KU Med Center Poison Control Center at:



Treatment Priority and Wait Times Policy

Typically, we see patients at K+STAT in the order they sign in. The exception would be patients needing immediate attention due to potentially dangerous conditions. Our intention is to limit visits at our center to a minimum.

We do not see patients younger then 3 months of age.

HIPAA Privacy Policy

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act's (HIPAA) medical privacy regulations govern the use and release of patients' personal health information, also known as "protected health information (PHI)." In the event state law is more restrictive than the HIPAA regulations, the more restrictive law will apply.

Under the HIPAA privacy regulations, patients must be informed about how their PHI will be used and given the opportunity to object to or restrict the use or release of their information. Physicians may use and disclose PHI without the patient's consent for purposes of treatment, payment, and healthcare operations. For a complete copy of our Notice of Privacy go to download patient forms page.

Treatment of Minors Policy

Coming soon....

Financial Policy

K+STAT at the current time is contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield/Medicare and Tricare.

Contracting means we have an agreement with the specific insurance company to accept an allowed amount for services rendered.

ALL OTHER INSURANCES are submitted as a courtesy to you for your insurance to process. K+STAT will take a copy of your insurance card so they can submit it to your insurance company, this does not mean we are contracted with that company. Payment of services is TOTALLY based on your policy. If visits are not covered, balances due are the patients responsibility and payable upon receipt.

X-Ray Notice

If an x-ray is needed to make a diagnosis, films will be read by physicians at K+STAT. Should questions arise regarding your treatment, the film may require an overview read by a radiologist. In these cases, there will be an additional charge from the radiologist.

We have staff availble to perform x-rays during most hours of operation.

Lab Notice

If lab testing is needed to make a diagnosis, many types of testing will be conducted in-house. Certain tests will be referred to an outside lab. In these instances, there will be an additional charge from the reference lab.

K+STAT is committed to meeting the urgent care needs of the community by offering prompt, courteous, high-quality, professional medical care with extended hours at an affordable cost.